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Nudist beaches in Malaga

Nowadays, more and more people are looking to enjoy the tranquility of the beaches and the sun. In addition, many of these people prefer to go to the area of the coast known as the nudist beach.

According to the RAE, a part of the coast that is suitable for nudists is known as a nudist beach, where users do not wear clothes and where full nudity and public exposure are permitted.

The Costa del Sol as a tourist area receives thousands of visitors throughout the year, especially during the summer season when this tourism increases.

How many naturist beaches are there in Malaga?

Today, there are a total of 10 nudist beaches in Malaga.

The practice of nudism on the beaches of Malaga is increasing and more and more visitors are coming to spend the day on the nudist beaches.

Keep in mind that in the nudist beaches of Malaga and the rest should be taken into account a series of rules for the enjoyment of all:

  • Respect: Respect for others is basic.
  • Watch the signs: Always stay within the area allowed for nudist practice in Malaga.
  • Do not use a camera: Forget about taking pictures.

As you have seen, there are many nudist beaches in Malaga and the rules for going there are simple.

  • Currently, there are two nudist beaches in Malaga city: El Candado beach and Campo de Golf San Juli├ín beach. In these two locations nudist bathing is allowed for those attending.
  • The nudist beach in Benalmadena is the beach called Benalnatura: A very popular part of the coast, surrounded by trees and palm trees. A small nudist beach in Benalmadena with a large influx of people. But Benalmadena has another naturist beach, the beach of La Viborilla, besides, if you like diving it is the perfect place.
  • The nudist beach of Mijas is called El Chacon beach. A unique space that has almost 800 meters long.
  • The best known nudist beach in Estepona is the beach of Arroyo Vaquero known as Costa Natura, but Estepona has 2 nudist beaches in the location. The second nudist beach of Estepona is Rio Castor.
  • Nerja also has a nudist beach. Nerja’s nudist beach is called Las Alberquillas beach.
  • In Marbella you can go to the nudist beach of Artola, a virgin space where you can breathe peace, a perfect place to enjoy the sun.
  • Finally, in the town of Velez Malaga, the nudist beach is called Bajamar or Almayate beach.

As you have seen there are several possibilities throughout the province to enjoy the nudist beaches in Malaga. Take a look at the characteristics of each one and choose the one you like best.

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