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El Cañuelo beach is the last beach in the municipality of Nerja. This beach marks the boundary between the province of Granada and Malaga. Have you heard of the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro gordo? El Cañuelo beach is located in the middle of a natural area.

It does not have a high occupation rate so it is the perfect place to relax during the summer holidays.

El Cañuelo or Marques Beach is a cove of sand and gravel with crystalline waters. There are many diving and snorkelling enthusiasts who come to this beach in Nerja to enjoy this experience.

Here you can find orange coral, a species classified as vulnerable to extinction.

If you are thinking of a quiet place, it is one of the most relaxing beaches of Nerja in Malaga.

El Cañuelo in Nerja does not have the Blue Flag distinction, but it does have many services. You will be able to find chiringuitos, parking lots, showers, etc.

As is the case with almost all the beaches in the area, its sand is clean and crystalline, it has a rich marine fauna and you will not need to swim much to enjoy the surroundings. Children enjoy every minute of this area and if you like diving it is one of the most spectacular places in Nerja.

If you are thinking of eating at the Cañuelo beach, this one has two restaurants.

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One thing you didn't know about Cañuelo cove – Marques beach

El Cañuelo beach is located in the Natural Park of Maro.