List of beaches for dogs in Malaga

When we have a pet at home and it’s time to go on holiday, we often have doubts about which destinations to go to as there are many places that still don’t admit our furry friends as companions. Today we want to give you the list of beaches for dogs in Malaga.

Have you thought about holidays and automatically the beaches for dogs in Malaga? You are lucky because the province has some perfect places to enjoy a vacation with pets on the beach.

Our list of beaches for dogs in Malaga consists of 7 perfect places.

Beaches for dogs Malaga 2020

Playa canina Torre del Mar

This space on the coast of Malaga has a total of 4000 m2 near the mouth of the river Velez. It was inaugurated on August 10th 2016 and has become a very popular area to go to with dogs in Malaga during the holidays.

It has a 150 m2 pipican area, a 250 m2 play area for dogs where there is a swing, balance bars, jumping area, tunnel, ramps, etc. It also has water fountains for both people and pets.

Timetable canine beach Torre del Mar:

The timetable of this beach for dogs in Malaga is from 9 in the morning to 10 at night.

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Canine beach Tajo de la Soga

Among the inhabitants of Benalmádena this space is known as Benalcan. It is very close to the Hotel Holiday World. This space where dogs are allowed to go for a good dip has 400 meters long and an average width of 15 meters.

A dog beach in Malaga is designed for the enjoyment of our pets and at the end of the day you can remove all the sand in the Benalcan dog shower.

A special limited and signposted area where our furry dogs have a fountain and everything necessary to enjoy a holiday with dogs on the beach.

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Canine beach Torrox

This beach to go with dogs in Malaga was opened in 2018, specifically on July 7 of that year. It is a small beach formed by pebbles and located at the mouth of the river Torrox, next to the lighthouse.

A perfect space to enjoy your holidays with pets on the beach, this part is naturally delimited and has easy access.

The space has a cleaning service and litter bins.

Among the rules of this beach dogs in Malaga is the use of muzzle for those animals that exceed 20 kilos. The animals can be loose being watched by their owners.

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La Paloma Beach for dogs

This dog beach in Malaga has been the third official dog beach in the whole province of Malaga. It is located in Casares.

To the west the La Paloma beach is bounded by the Torre de la Sal, there was the previous canine beach of the town, but the board closed it a few years ago.

This dog-friendly beach in Malaga is made up of stones and sand. Today it has a beach bar in the vicinity.

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s passport and all its vaccines up to date.

lista de playas para perros en malaga 2020RedCanina 

Canine beach El Pinillo

Located in the town of Marbella, has 250 meters designed to enjoy with our dog during the holidays in the Costa del Sol. This dog beach in Malaga is surrounded by small urbanizations and landscapes.

It is one of the most frequented for water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. During the summer season it is a place where concerts and musical events are held.

The El Pinillo dog beach in Marbella has no time limitation during the summer season.

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La Araña dog beach in Malaga

We found this beach suitable for dogs in Malaga located in the stream of Totalan between the capital and Rincon de la Victoria. This space has the approval of the Board and has already been in service for several years.

It is a rocky cove and we recommend you wear booties. Its waters are not suitable for bathing although they have moderate waves and clean, crystal-clear waters.

It has no time restrictions and is the perfect place to enjoy a good swim with your pet during the summer season.

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Beach of the Castle Fuengirola

It is probably the most beautiful beach of all to go with your dog during the summer, but also to walk during the winter. You will have an impressive view of Fuengirola Castle or Sohail Castle. It is 800 meters long and 50 meters wide.

You should know that breeds classified as potentially dangerous are forbidden access and animals weighing more than 20 kilos must wear a muzzle.

You will find a marked space perfect to enjoy a good dip with your furry.

As you have seen, there are several spaces dedicated to enjoying a holiday with dogs on the beach, but you must plan them well.


The following rules and recommendations are common to all beaches in the province of Malaga for dogs:

Keep your dog’s passport and vaccinations up to date
Collect the excrements
Respect other users
Dogs weighing more than 20 kilos must wear a muzzle
Dog breeds classified as potentially dangerous will have access prohibited.

Where to go with dogs? You can visit and do a little tourism in the open air, also some hiking trails. The Costa del Sol receives thousands of tourists and many of them travel with their furry friends. From Malagabeaches we recommend locations close to these beaches. If you are travelling alone or with your family, but this time without a pet, check out the best beaches in Malaga and don’t miss out on some of the most beautiful places in Andalusia.

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