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Torrox beaches

Torrox is a municipality on the Costa del Sol very visited during the summer season. At present the town of Torrox has more than 16 thousand inhabitants.

A coastal town that has a total of 9 beaches. Do you want to relax on the beaches of Torrox during the summer? Pay attention to all the beaches of Torrox and their characteristics. Also, some of them have the distinctive Blue Flag.

Some of the town’s beaches are well known and receive a large influx of visitors during the summer season. The municipality of Torrox has two well-differentiated nuclei; Torrox and Torrox Costa, the latter being 4 km from the former.

Torrox has an enviable climate that allows the cultivation of tropical fruits such as avocado, custard apple, mango or medlar tree. In addition, vegetables are grown.

If, in addition to the beaches of Torrox, you want to visit and get to know the culture of Torrox, don’t miss the most emblematic places of the town.

What to see in Torrox

Luckily, if you come to spend your holidays in Torrox you will find an interesting heritage, the Roman site of El Faro and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación being of particular interest.

Don’t miss the watchtower in Calaceite and the Huit beacon in Torrox. The town also has the Casa de la Moneda and the palace of La Joya.

Torrox with children? Don’t miss the Museum of Miniatures!

You will be fascinated by the beaches of Torrox, but also by the many places to discover and enjoy the culture of the area.

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