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Rincon de la Victoria beaches

The municipality of Malaga is located east of Malaga city and has several beaches, specifically in the Rincon de la Victoria there are 4 beaches.

As you know the beaches of the province of Malaga are very visited by tourists who come to the Costa del Sol especially in summer. The municipality of Rincon de la Victoria has a wide tourist offer, especially in restoration.

If you want to enjoy the beaches of Rincon de la Victoria and have a good lunch tasting espetos do not miss any of its four beaches.

Not only the beaches of Rincon de la Victoria are worth it. This town in Malaga is catalogued as the municipality with the greatest well-being in the province.

The best time to visit the municipality and the beaches of Rincon de la Victoria is spring and summer, although thanks to its climate you can visit the Costa del Sol at any time of year.

Much more than the beaches of El Rincon de la Victoria

You may have already imagined that the town has much more than the beaches of Rincon de la Victoria. If you want to know something else, don’t forget to visit the Bezmiliana Castle, an 18th century fortress or the Treasure Cave. This was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and is one of only three caves of underwater origin discovered in the world. A unique cave in Europe. Every Sunday they make a route to know the secrets of this beautiful Treasure Cave in Rincon de la Victoria.

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