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Nerja beaches

I’m sure you know something about the beaches of Nerja. They are well known for their clean waters and the length of walks on them.

Burriana beach is probably the best known beach thanks to its services and the amount of activities that take place there.

Do you like water sports? There are several beaches in Nerja that offer the possibility of practising sports such as kayaking, doughnuts or shuttle bananas. In addition, thanks to the quality of its waters and its facilities, it has been awarded the Blue Flag.

If you want to enjoy the good weather on the Costa del Sol you can do so from the beaches of Nerja, but the town of Nerja also has many other attractions.

Luckily and thanks to the fact that it receives thousands of tourists, especially during the summer season, Nerja has activities for all ages. If you are in Nerja for a few days you can visit the Balcony of Europe, the most emblematic place of the city and you will be able to see the African continent. Another place to see in Nerja is the Calle Pintada, this well-known street in the municipality is one of the nerve centres of the city thanks to the large number of shops it houses.

As you may have noticed there are many places to enjoy in Nerja.

Did you know that the legendary Blue Summer series was recorded on the beaches of Nerja?

Take a look at all the beaches of Nerja and choose which one you prefer to enjoy a few days of rest.

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