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Marbella Beaches

I’m sure you’ve heard of the spectacular city of Marbella. Money, glamour, yachts, luxury cars and wonderful beaches. It is the second most populated municipality in the province, just behind the capital Málaga.

Marbella’s beaches are known worldwide for offering a wide range of tourist attractions. Deciding on one as the best is extremely complicated.

What are the best beaches in Marbella?

There’s not just one or two beaches here. Marbella has a whopping 23 beaches. You can imagine that not all of them have the same characteristics, but we can already tell you that Marbella’s beaches offer a multitude of services.

Some of them are located in the area known as the Golden Mile of Marbella and you can imagine that they offer an exclusive range of restaurants and rental services. All of them usually have a moderate swell and the colour of their sand is dark. During the summer months, Marbella becomes one of the most visited cities in Spain.

If you feel like getting to know more than just the beaches of Marbella, there are many places that are home to the city beyond Puerto Banus and its luxury.

Don’t miss the walls of the Marbella Castle, the Plaza de los Naranjos or the Lago de las Tortugas.

You can imagine that in this area of southern Spain you can do almost anything you can imagine. Marbella is about 60 kilometres from Malaga city and has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa del Sol.

If you want to know each of the characteristics of the beaches of Marbella, from Malaga Beaches we give you all the information.

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