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Fuengirola beaches

Fuengirola is a well known municipality on the Costa de Sol. Currently, it has more than 75 thousand inhabitants and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga. It has 8 kilometres of coast and the town is located between Benalmádena and Mijas.

If you want to enjoy the beaches of Fuengirola you will find, in addition, a great tourist offer around them. It is one of the favourite destinations of the national tourist, but there are also many, especially the English who come to the beaches of Fuengirola.

The coast of Fuengirola has 4 beaches, but one of the most outstanding is the Castle beach. This is a very special and visited part of the coast in the town, here you will find 8 colorful boats in a row.

The beach of Fuengirola, bearing the same name as the town, has many services and amenities in it. You can have lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants in this place.

Have you heard of Los Boliches beach?

It has the Blue Flag badge and is perfect if you go with your family.

Where is the city of Fuengirola?

The city of Fuengirola is located 25 kilometers from the airport of Malaga. If in addition to knowing the best beaches of Fuengirola you want to visit the best places to see in Fuengirola do not miss the castle of Sohail, is located on a small hill and is one of the most emblematic places of the city.

The urban centre of Fuengirola is another place you cannot miss. It is born and expands around the Plaza de la Constitución and here you can find a wide range of cuisine.

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