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Casares beaches

Casares is a town in Malaga surrounded by fascinating beaches and hills. Casares Costa has a total of 2 beaches that offer many services; La Paloma beach and Playa Ancha beach. You can find two thousand meters of coast in this part of the province of Malaga.

Casares Costa is a town that belongs to the municipality of Casares and has almost 2000 inhabitants. Without a doubt a perfect place for those people who want to enjoy the tranquility of the sea, you will be delighted with the beaches of Casares!

If you decide to visit this town on the Costa del Sol you will be able to find two types of gastronomy, thanks to its extension. The gastronomy that you will enjoy is that of the mountains and the beach.

The gastronomy of the mountains of Casares stands out for its stews such as “la pringá”, “fritá de cabrito” or a good cheese from Sierra Crestellina”.

The beach gastronomy of Casares stands out for its delicious fried fish, its Andalusian gazpacho or a salad. The star dish is the so-called moruna de sardinas, a kind of marinade with lemon and paprika.

In addition, if you like nature, you can enjoy the Casares bird observatory, which offers perfect conditions for observing the most important vulture colony in the province of Malaga. You can also see eagles, storks and Egyptian vultures among other birds.

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