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Benalmadena Beaches

Luckily for all those who visit this town on the Costa del Sol, Benalmadena has some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga.

Benalmadena has almost 68 thousand inhabitants, a figure that increases during the summer season. Its location and services on the Costa del Sol make it an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

The beaches of Benalmadena have a great tourist offer. Obviously each of these spaces has its own essence, but in any beach of Benalmadena you will be able to enjoy the sun and a good bath.

From Malaga Beaches we tell you the characteristics of Benalmadena’s beaches, its services and its location so you don’t miss anything.

If you also want to visit the town you have to know that here is the largest butterfly farm in Europe. The town has some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga and also some places you can’t miss.

An example of what to see in Benalmadena is the Castle of Colomares or the Castle Bil Bil.

Did you know that Benalmadena is the largest Buddhist temple in the West?

You’ll be impressed by his big building.

Among the typical things of Benalmadena you can find the toasted almonds or the cane honey produced in the town of Frigiliana in Malaga. And if you like wine you can’t miss the sweet wine of Malaga.

Have you already decided that you want to enjoy your holidays in Benalmadena’s beaches? Enjoy the Costa del Sol now!

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